Mission & Faith

  Our Mission

To MOTIVATE dedicated Christians to commit their lives to God's call and mission.

To EQUIP students in the study of the Scriptures and related areas that are essential for ministry.

To ENABLE students to develop necessary skills to effectively apply their spiritual gifts and talents in serving God, Community and Nation.


  Our Faith

We accept the Scriptures as written in the Old and New testaments as the inspired, revealed and infallible Word of God. We therefore seek to teach the central truths of the Christian faith with the Bible as the final authority for faith, life and service. We, together with the universal Church, subscribe to the precepts of the historical Confessions, namely: the Aposties Creed and Nicene Creed, which form a summary and a concise exposition of the central biblical teaching. We respect the doctrinal standards and the Faith and Order of our member Churches in the spirit of ecumenism.

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