Master of Theology (MTheol) - A two-year programme providing specialized academic training in any field of Christian or pastoral ministry or in theological research and teaching.

Master of Ministry (MMin) - A one-year programme designed for experienced, theologically-trained pastors, church workers and Christian leaders.


for Master of Theology and Doctor of Theology


Master of Divinity (MDiv)  - This is a three-year programme to train and equip persons for pastoral ministry as well as other forms of Christian vocation. 

Master of Theological Studies (MTS) (English Medium) - A two-year programme that aims to provide a solid theological foundation for competent leadership in church ministry; can continue to MDiv if desired. 



Bachelor of Divinity (BD)

Bachelor of Theology (BTh) 

Diploma of Theology (DipTh)
 - Four years of study. In addition to the four traditional disci plines of training: biblical, theological, historical and practical, STS offers courses in agriculture (BM), English and music. 

Diploma/Certificate in Pastoral Counseling (Dip.PC/CPC) (Chinese Medium) - This program integrates faith, theology, psychology and counseling to provide training with the necessary knowledge and practical skills in order to care and pastor individuals, couples, families and the community holistically. 

Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS) - Two years of study equivalent to the first two years of the DipTh programme. 


Certificate in Christian Social Concern (CCSC) 


Certificate in Christian Counseling (CCC)


Short Term Mission Training - This Three-month programme provides courses and practical training in church evangelism for those committed to serve the Lord. 

Certificate of Church Ministry (CCM) - This is a theological extension programme carried out at centres around Sabah, and is designed for Christians who want to grow in biblical knowledge and be equipped to serve. A total of 16 credit hours are required. 

Diploma in Church Ministry (DipCM) - This is an extension programme for those wanting to further their studies after completing the CCM programme. A total of 16 credit hours are required at the level of STS regular programmes. 

Family Ministry General Certificate
 - This certificate is for the wives of seminarians and is given on the completion of their studies at STS. 

Certificate of attendance for senior citizen- This certificate is given on completion of courses for one or two semesters. 

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