Update on the latest situation regarding the campus and landslide situation at Sabah Theological Seminary. We have consulted engineering professionals and they have given us an estimated cost of RM1.5 million for the remedial works and additional RM500,000 for the building maintenance. To date, we have collected around RM500,000 from individual donors mainly from overseas. We would like to thank all the donors so far and appreciate all the support!

To those wanting to contribute you may via these methods:
– Boost account (https://myboost.app.link/4wyw97p6f9)
– Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia account (390 115 582 469 BCCM-SABAH THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY)
– Bank Slip Send WhatsApp to Crystal Lee +60143580112
– Social Media Accounts: stssabah.org (instagram/facebook)

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