Bachelor In Church Ministry

Bachelor In Church Ministry (BCM)

An off-campus extension programme carried out at various centres, designed for Christians who want to grow in biblical knowledge and be equipped to serve as lay leaders. Courses are held either in the evening, or as intensive courses in different centres. The media of instruction are Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese or English. For those who have completed ADCM.

Total Credit Hours: 60

Admission Requirements:

  • A baptised Christian.
  • Form 5 (SPM), O level Grade III and above or equivalent.
  • Completed ACCM (8 courses) or equivalent.

Course Requirement:

  • Another 8 courses, a research project and a practicum paper (@2 or 3 credits)
  • Courses may be taken on-campus or externally, as full-time or part-time students.
  • Tuition fees for off campus courses are the same as the regular programme.
  • Those who started with CCM and meet the requirement for the CTS programme, or above, will receive a total of 50 credit hours, should they enter the full-time programme.
  • Those who study on campus will received full credit of the courses for the CTS programme or above, according to their level of qualification.