Certificate In Church Ministry

Certificate In Church Ministry (CCM)

An off-campus extension programme carried out at various centres, designed for Christians who want to grow in biblical knowledge and be equipped to serve as lay leaders. .Courses are held either in the evening, or as intensive courses in different centres. The media of instruction are Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese or English.

Total Credit Hours: 16

Admission Requirements:

  • A baptised Christian.

Course Requirement:

  • This is a lay-training programme.  8 courses are required to obtain this certificate.
  • 2 Required Courses: 2 out of the following:
    1. Understanding the New Testament
    2. Understanding the Old Testament
    3. Foundation of the Christian Faith.
  • 6 Electives:
    1. Bible Study Methods
    2. History of Christianity
    3. Counselling
    4. Selected books of the Old Testament
    5. Selected books of the New Testament
    6. Ways to Prepare a Sermon
    7. The Art of Preaching
    8. Ministry to Children
    9. Ministry to Adults
    10. Church Leadership Development
    11. Leading Worship
    12. Marriage and the Christian Home
    13. Church and Society
    14. Mission
    15. Christian Spirituality and other interested topics
  • Those who have completed the programme will be given the equivalent of 4 credit hours of the regular, full-time programme.
  • Courses in the regular programme can be credited to this programme.
  • Classes are open to students who only wish to audit them
  • Students may also enrol for full-time training on campus. In this case, fees will be the same as the full-time students on campus.