Master In Pastoral Care

Master In Pastoral Care (MPC)

This is a two-year programme for Bachelor of Counselling Degree holders wishing to gain further competency in pastoral care and counselling in their career as pastors and counsellors.

Admission Requirements:

  • A baptised church member, with sound mental health, proven learning ability and good interpersonal skills, actively committed to church ministry.
  • Completed Bachelor of Christian Counselling or its equivalent, and has at least one year of experience in Christian ministry.
Course Total Credits
3 New Required Courses
  • Spirituality
  • Christian Leadership and Development
  • Art Therapy / Dance Therapy / Adventure Counselling for Spiritual Growth
8 Elective Courses 24

5 Doubled Coded Courses (Upgrade from the BCC courses taken)

  • Spiritual Guidance*
  • Family & Marriage Counselling*
  • Advanced Counselling*
  • Attachment and Parenting*
  • Counselling Adolescence and Youth*
Seminars (3 seminars consider 1 course) 3
CPE Level 1 6
Thesis 6
Total 63